Mixed Hockey

Last years mixed season kicked off with the now annual Super 6s tournament with all players in a round robin tournament sponsored by the Cowley Retreat. The combination of boozing, music and hockey was a great way to welcome our new freshers into the club as well as a chance for people to get to know each other on a fabulously sunny afternoon.

Sunday evenings is our slot for mixed hockey. We’ve had a great turnout Sunday after Sunday with regular BUCS players to players that had never played before.  The upcoming season will see our new format of a mostly non-BUCS team who look set to face opposition in fixtures against locals Oxford Hockey Club, Great Milton, the other ‘big’ uni down the road and of course our Varsity rivals Reading University. Our big time to shine in the upcoming year will be Varsity 2018 where we will travel to Reading Uni to continue our winning run against the red knights.

Mixed Hockey is a gateway for all players to integrate. We encourage as many members to come, have a laugh and play with us down at Cheney Lane every Sunday evening. Our first Mixed 2017/18 event will the Super 6s tournament in October.

Alexandra Horowitz and Will Meacher