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As well as in BUCS, Brookes Hockey is well represented and thought after when it comes to tour. Previous tours have involved 50+ Brookes Hockey members travelling to Budapest, Amsterdam, Italy, Spain and most recently Croatia. We use a company called ILOVETOUR, which are renowned for organising successful sport and university tours around the world.

There are two days of hockey games played against other British universities which are played at a reasonably competitive but friendly level resulting in friendly interaction and healthy rivalries. Depending on the location of the tour it ranges, anything from 5 a side to full 11 sided games.

When it comes to tour, however, hockey is only half the fun. Four days of beach parties, pool parties and boat parties followed by clubbing in some of Europe’s top destinations. If you ask anyone that has been on tour they will all tell you the same thing (myself included), ‘it is one of the most memorable weeks of my university career!’ and you will take away from it friendships and experiences that will stay with you for years after leaving university. Fancy dress is a massive part of our socials throughout the year and it is no different on tour with every night having a different theme. As well as this every year there is tour stash which is included in the price of the tour.

Finally, we would like to encourage all members of Brookes Hockey regardless of what year and which team you play in to sign up. All fresher’s joining in September, Tour is seen as a rite of passage and is a golden opportunity for you to make a name for yourself in OBUHC and show off your commitment to the hockey club. Tour is something that everyone should consider; people come back year after year, as it really is amazing week.

Don’t miss out on the best week of the year! The biggest society at Oxford Brookes takes Spain by storm for a week of sport, partying and fun in the sun. This unmissable trip to Salou takes the hockey club to the biggest and best student sport festival in the world. Book your place for the most unforgettable week of your lives. Details to follow but check out the website while you wait!!!